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Coutil Fabric

Coutil Fabric

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Coutil Fabric

Coutil fabric, old fashioned english fabric with a herringbone weave. This coutil fabric has a flat side and a herringbone weave on the other side. Used in traditional corset making. Very strong and has no warping, very soft for a heavy weight fabric and also very supple. Use coutil under a fashion layer for garment strength instead of other heavy interlinings or use on its own. A single layer of coutil is generally used, there is no need to add extra stabilisers.

Colours: Black, White, Beige (ivory), Nude, Pale Pink, Pale Blue Gray

Single sided herringbone weave 100% Cotton
150cm Wide 

Weight: 270gsm

Sold by the metre.

Note from The Parlour: We have been using this coutil to make waist reduction corsets. It's very soft and comfortable to wear. We use a twill tape to make the bone channels. We used spiral bones in all the channels except for the centre front and eyelet channels which we used flat steel bones. Lacing is done with the strings pulling from the waistline, which allows for the greatest amount of waist reduction.

By making a corset with waist reduction you can reduce the waistline by up to 3 inches. You can then make your gown to fit over the top of the new shape that the corset has created. Since all the bone work is done, you can make your dress to this shape without all the heavy construction. It's just a different way of making a gown. Hope you have fun creating.

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