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Fancy Gathering Presser Foot

Fancy Gathering Presser Foot

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Gathering Presser Foot

Fancy Gathering Presser Foot high shank for industrial lockstitch sewing machine. Does an impressive gather stitch on light to heavy fabrics. Gather amount depends on the weight of the fabric. The lighter weight the more gather you can achieve. Gathering presser foot stitches a straight stitch as it gathers, (you cannot pull the gather stitches tighter like on a standard presser foot).

Also if you want to sew to it to another pattern piece at the same time, "guess what" it gathers the bottom layer and leaves the top layer un-gathered. Just put the top layer through the slot and it will remain flat.

Two sizes are available, the wider (P5W) one allows for a slightly bigger seam allowance when gathering onto a top flat layer.

Available Sizes: P5 & P5W (wide)

Hint: Test gather amount first on a sample to see how much your fabric will gather. Try adjusting your stitch length and tension to get the desired amount of gather. 

Very Handy Attachment:)

Works with the presser foot clamp for a quick change.

Note from Melanie: This gathering foot is really cool. I use it for sewing tulle skirts with the tiered hems. I can do a single pass through the layers (gathering the tulle at the same time as sewing to the flat), not only saving time, but much neater as there is only one row of stitching showing through the sheer fabric.

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